Monday, March 1, 2010

Something Better than a Gold Medal

What a thrill it was to watch the Olympics that just ended in Vancouver and share the euphoria of winning with each champion!

The grace and beauty of Kim Yu-Na’s figure skating was breathtaking! The courage of Lindsey Vonn in skiing even when it was painful was inspiring! And, of course, Joannie Rochette gave us all pause as she skated so elegantly even while grieving the recent death of her mother.

The Olympics were inspiring and mesmerizing to watch but for the Olympians, there was something more important than winning medals. For Kim Yu-Na, it was pleasing her country that was counting on her. For Lindsey Vonn, it was being wrapped in the arms of her husband and sharing their joy together. And for Joannie Rochette, it was looking heavenward to her mother and giving her all for her.

Better than winning a gold medal (or any other success) is having a loved one (or loved country) to share it with.

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