Monday, March 22, 2010

Ocean Waves and Relationships

We recently returned from a family reunion cruise. It was a great way to bond as a family and enjoy the sites at the different ports as well as the entertainment on the ship.

One of my favorite things to do was to observe the ocean waves. Their rhythm, grace and consistency were both soothing and inspiring. The water was always moving - sometimes the waves were big and quite dramatic and other times they were just little ripples but there was always movement.

Just like the ocean waves, relationships also have their own rhythmic movement. Sometimes the “waves” seem pretty big and couples wonder if it’s worth it or if they married the wrong person. However, research has shown that in most cases, if they just give it more time, things naturally improve. Just like the ocean, big waves turn into smaller waves and smaller waves turn into little ripples. But there is always movement – problems to solve, challenges to face, opportunities to grow and learn from. That’s the nature of relationships. That’s the nature of life. And just like ocean waves, we can’t change that. But we can learn to be more aware, accepting and appreciative of the rhythm, grace and consistency in our own lives and relationships.


  1. Nice analogy. eventually the huge waves will turn into those tiny ripples.

  2. Also, from the positive side, the big romatic time-Valentine, Birthdays, other special occasions, like the big huge waves, then turn into those tiny ripples, to nurish our daily life as a couple. So, life won't be boring only have the little movement, the love won't be thirsty.